Hello friends! I’ve just sent out your November (holiday!!!) packages and these are the biggest ones of the year. I really hope you enjoy them and have fun! I wanted to go all out this season to help me say THANK YOU to each of you! It’s been a crazy fast, very up and down year over here in Casa de Dani and I truly appreciate your patience and support so much! Thanks for sticking with me through this year of change and growth, friends. <3

Back to the happy mail! A bit more info cuz I didn’t put it in the boxes: I decided to go with a 12 Days of Craftsmas (mini) Advent to really milk the joy out of the season. πŸ˜€ There are enough little parcels and goodies for 12 days of fun, so celebrate however and whenever you’d like. They’re also unnumbered, so you do you, booboo! 

If you want to share your advent opening progress in the Club FB group, feel free! I tried to mix and match a variety of goodies so that all the packages are different and full of things that you’ll enjoy. We may also create some fun things during Vidmas with some of the goodies you receive, so watch out for that, too. πŸ˜€ 

Also a quick note – in the pic above you might note the different sized boxes. Everyone’s packages are very similar in quantity, quality, size of contents, weight, etc. The brown boxes are stuffed and the white ones have bubbly bits, just thought I’d mention it! πŸ˜€

Merry Everything, friends!

And thank you thank you. <3