Hi Crafty Friend, I’m Dani! 

I’m guessing you’re here because you want to know what I’m all about and why I do what I do. Basically you’re wondering Who Is This Crazy Space Bun Person Who Runs With Scissors And Loves Penguins With A Fierceness Unrivaled. 

I get it. You’re here to know Things. 

I’m here to make that easy. 🙂 

Five years ago, what began as an endeavor to get organized with planner stickers turned into the opening of my own sticker shop and the doing of all the sticker shop things. 

Over these last five years though, something amazing has happened. PopFizzPaper has transformed from a small sticker shop and blossomed into this vibrant, fun community full of creative and diverse crafters, aka the Crafty Club. 

I still design the occasional sticker, but I’ve found my heart beats happiest when I’m in full-on Club mode. I’m so, so proud of what we’re building together, one crafty friend at a time. I never imagined that my hobby would become my means of supporting myself, and I’m super grateful that I get to do what I love every day: share the joy of making! And I’m so glad you’re here with us. Thank you! 

In addition to my Crafty Club leader lady role, I’m also a professionally trained studio artist, specializing in metalsmithing and jewelry. Playing with fire and metal and sharp things is just as fun as paper, and only a little bit more dangerous. Have you ever noticed how both jewelry and papercrafts have shiny sparklies? I can’t help myself. 

When I’m not creatin’ in the Club, I’m outside in nature, probably camping or hiking or crafting. I mean, I love being outside and adventuring so dang much that I built a mini crafty studio in the back of my Subaru, just so I can create on the go. It’s pretty cool. Since you’ll probably wanna see what it looks like, I’ve filmed a Crafty Car tour that you can watch here:

So welcome, welcome! Thanks for stopping by! The Crafty Club has so much to offer and we’re always on the lookout for our next crafty bff. Is that YOU? Only one way to find out! 😉

Stay Crafty,