I posted this in early June in the Facebook group and wanted to post it here as well. Also, as a Club, we’re fundraising for Black Lives Matter to keep the movement going. I’ve designed a custom sticker with 100% of the profits being donated here. If you prefer to donate directly, that’s awesome too – please send me a screenshot of your donation so I can say thank you! 🙂

Here in the Crafty Club, we cherish our diverse, creative, colorful voices.

Black/PoC friends, I see you and love you. I see how difficult it is to survive America in your skin, much less thrive. I know I’ll never fully comprehend what you endure daily. It breaks my heart that though we are co-patriots, we don’t share the same rights and privileges, not really. It’s wrong. It’s scary. 

I don’t have answers, but I can listen. I don’t know what to do, but I can give space for marginalized voices to be raised up. And I can provide a crafty haven if/when you need it. 

Stay safe, stay strong.